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Do you find yourself needing to set up online or virtual classes? Do you need some activities to supplement student learning and keep students active and engaged as learners? Here are some of our best guides and resources to virtual learning and integrating agriculture. 

K-5 Resources

6-12 Resources

  • Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation Google Classroom lessons and units:
    • Social Studies (Grades 6-8): Register with class code 'ippaapx'. This class explores history and economics as they relate to agriculture and food systems.
    • Science (Grades 6-8): Register with class code 'k4kdhog'. We will learn about genetics, probability, traits, and parts of flowers.
    • Food and Nutrition (Grades 6-8): Register with class code '7qp5w4x'. We will learn about healthy choices in eating, bartering, and where our food comes from.
    Agriculture and Energy - Self-paced online student learning module. This 20 lesson unit of learning focuses on renewable energy from agriculture - specifically biofuels including ethanol and biodiesel. It is targeted to students in grades 9-12. Create an account in the AEA portal and then search for agriculture in the catalog.
  • Journey 2050: Enjoy a virtual simulation that explores world food sustainability. Make decisions that impact society, the environment and the economy at a local and global scale. Experience the lives of three farm families in Kenya, India, and Canada. Our Journey to feeding the world has started. Join us.
  • Farmers 2050: Grow crops, raise livestock, craft and sell goods and engage with local and global partners as you level up. Feeding the world relies on balancing your economic, social and environmental sustainability so strive to be a leader. Along the way, real farmers from across the world will show you what they are doing on their farms.
  • Trouble at Grainly Farms - This real-world scenario looks at pests and diseases in a soybean field. Students will investigate what the cause is and identify solutions. Target audience is students grades 9-12. 
  • H2Know: Online Activity - A digital investigation for high school students to explore the science of water quality challenges in Lake Erie. Get perspectives from farmers and researchers as they develop strategies to protect water quality.
  • All About Corn - A great series of interactive online modules with nearly five hours of programming on everything about corn, targeted to high school and undergraduate students.
  • Science of Agriculture - Short animations, interactives and videos teach math & science concepts crucial to the study of agriculture.
  • Beef Quality Assurance – Learn more about beef quality and get certified through free online courses.
  • The Raw Truth About Beef - A behind-the-scenes look at the beef industry exploring every step of the beef production process from pasture to plate! This video series explores the beef lifecycle through the eyes of culinary and health professionals.

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