Iowa Ag Today Elementary Edition

Iowa Ag Today Elementary Edition

Agriculture is Everywhere issue 1

What is agriculture? Learn about Iowa agriculture crops, livestock, and products. Explore agricultural careers.

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Food, Health & Lifestyle issue 2

Explore nutrition and learn about food safety.


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Agriculture & the Environment issue 3

Understand natural resource management. How does agriculture fit into local and global ecosystems?


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Culture, Society, Economy & Geography issue 4

How has agriculture influenced the development of societies? Who were Iowa's agriculture innovators? Understand geography, global trade, and economics as they relate to agriculture. 

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math issue 5

How can science and technology help increase food production? How are farmers helping produce safe and abundant food supply? What do sustainable systems for a growing population look like?

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Plants & Animals: Food, Fiber & Energy issue 6

Learn how plants and animals were domesticated. What are renewable and nonrenewable resources? What do plants and animals need to grow and thrive? Learn some of the basics of biotechnology.

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