Professional Development

Register Now! 2023 Fall Teacher Professional Development Workshop

September 30: All About Birds - Register HERE 
This workshop will include one-day in-person (Sept. 30) at the Hansen Ag Student Learning Center (Ames, IA) where participants will engage in field trips and hands-on learning about Iowa's poultry industry. The workshop will explore all things poultry including turkey production, egg production, disease prevention, and nutrition. As a hybrid course participants will also be able to engage with course material through a self-paced online interface (Oct 1-Nov. 4; optional for those taking the course as "participant only"). This portion of the course will expand implementing lessons learned, connecting poultry concepts to the classroom, and peer discussions. This course is ideal for educators that focus on elementary (grades 2-5), middle school, and high school education. 

This hybrid workshop is free to attend, and the in-person portion will include on-site tours, hands-on activities, resource materials, lunches and more! One licensure renewal credit is available from AEA for $35. One graduate credit is available through Drake University, Grandview University, or Morningside College for $130.