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Ag Bingo


In this game, students will become familiar with the importance of agriculture and how it touches their everyday lives.

Ag Careers Game


The Ag Careers Game is an interactive game for up to four players. The object of the game is for the students to be able to name 10 careers in agriculture and natural resources. This kit includes 10 game boards for a classroom of 40 middle school students.

Conservation Nation Game


In this game, students will learn about issues concerning soil and water, and how farmers use science to help conserve these resources.

Cr-AG-nium Game


In this game, students will learn and review common facts about Iowa agriculture including historical figures, scientific facts, and agriculture-related careers.

Farm Bingo


Playing Bingo on the farm style. Caller holds up one card at a time . If the card's picture is on the players board, the player puts a chip on that picture. First to cover selected pattern and yell "Harvest" wins the game!



This is a property trading game for farmers or those who think farming is cool. It's life down on the farm where players increase their profit by collecting acres and trading them for big red barns.

Food and Farm Facts Trivia Game


This game tests players' knowledge about agricultural production, sustainability, and nutrition. With more than 250 questions on 46 playing cards, the set brings a popular game element to important national agricultural statistics.

Headbandz Agriculture Edition


Play the popular Headbandz game, but with an agricultural twist! Students must work together to give and receive clues about the word specified on their headband.

Iowa Chat Pack


The Iowa Chat Pack is a fun game that will spark questions about Iowa.

Iowa Puzzle


Students can put together a small puzzle to learn more about Iowa and what Iowa is known to offer.

Life on the Farm


Fast "moo"ving action combines with real family farm mishaps for an "udder"ly unpredictable, uniquely FUN spoof of life on an American family farm. Enhances critical thinking and money/math skills naturally as players race against each other – first to "Retire" wins!

Life on the Farm Card Game


Cultivate your mind with trivia questions from Professor Noggin's Life on the Farm. Topics range from all aspects of farm life, including animals, plants, and machines. Card topics include: apples, berries, chickens, corn, cotton, cows, dogs, donkeys, ducks, eggs, farm buildings, farm tools, fish farming, flowers, general topic card, goats, grain, hay, herbs & spices, honey bees, horses, horseshoes, manure, maple syrup, nuts, pigs, protecting the farm, pumpkins, sheep, and turkeys.

Life On the Farm; Preschool Edition


Preschoolers will love the happy farm scenes, deep colors and soft feel of this playmat/board game/farm puzzle set. Just draw a card and match colors to move along the game mat. Land on an animal square and find the matching animal to put into the barn puzzle. Fill the barn with farm animals and you win!

Name that Ag Career! Card Game


Guess the agriculture career that's being described. Focus areas include agribusiness systems; animal systems; biotechnology systems; environmental service systems; food products and processing systems; natural resource systems; plant systems; power, structural, and technical systems; and agriculture education.

Pit Game


This is a game of commodities that's sure to provide fun and laughter. Shout your deal and trade your cards to 'corner' the market; be sure to be the first to get all the cards of one product, ring the bell, and win the hand.

Play it Safe; the Farm Safety Challenge Game


This game is designed to help kids learn about farm safety. One person takes the role of game leader and runs the game without playing; everyone else splits into two, three or six teams. Each team gets a farm animal paddle – this paddle is passed from player to player within the team, and only the player holding the paddle at any given time may answer questions.

Smart Mouth


A word game that is adaptable to many different ages. Slide the dispenser ahead and two letters appear. Now think of a word that begins with the first letter and ends with the last. Smart Mouth is a simple, but challenging game for one or for a room full of players.

The Farming Game


Players harvest crops with the roll of the dice, dodge droughts, uncertain markets and insects. Buy land, cattle, wheel and deal. Always different and always a challenge. Build the best farm in the county.

Weather Harvest Game


Farmers work with nature. Soil nutrients, planting, weed and insect control, machinery work, crop records and harvest are things farmers can control and manage. Farmers cannot control the weather. Crops may need to be planted more than once in the spring. Most crops are ready for harvest in late summer and fall but may be wiped out by a single weather event. Play the weather harvest game to see if you will be able to bring in your crop.