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Busy Barnyard


Activities on farm animals and sounds, farm animal parades and proper animal names are included in this CD. This resource also contains lesson plans, a short video, and printables. There is a book that accompanies this CD.

Dirt Made My Lunch


Everything you eat is made of sun, soil, water, and air. Interconnectedness and joyful reverence for life are the themes of this CD, which is full of a fun collection of songs.

Educator Resources


This resource disk contains worksheets and activity pages applicable to lower elementary classrooms.

Farm Fun CD!


This CD includes interactive learning activities designed to educate children about agriculture and farming.

La Tierra y el Mar


Spanish, science and fun. This CD includes eight popular Banana Slug String Band songs in Spanish and English.

Mission Biotech


What is Biotechnology? What do we use it for? Can it help feed a hungry world? The resources in this CD will help you answer those questions.

Singing in Our Garden


This CD teaches all about how dirt really does make our lunch. Each song is a great leap into garden-related lessons from plant parts to the water cycle.

Soil: You Dig It? Resource Disk


This CD contains lesson plans and curriculum to teach K-3rd grade students about the soil beneath their feet.

Still Staying Alive


Songs on this CD address a wide variety of food safety topics to help children learn by singing.

Teachers Academy; Experiential Learning about Agriculture


This CD contains materials and information that can be used to incorporate into classroom curricula.

The Farmer Grows a Rainbow


The Farmer Grows a Rainbow program connects food sources with nutrition and the food pyramid. This CD contains materials, videos, and information for the program.

The Science of Growing, Processing, and Using Soybeans


Learn how soybeans are grown, processed, and made into several different products from this CD.

We All Live Downstream


Join in the musical fun as the Banana Slugs bring out toe-tapping, hand-clapping, booty-shaking songs about our precious watersheds. This CD includes ten different songs related to water.

Were You Born in a Barn? (cassette)


This cassette tape contains music that captures various aspects of agriculture. A fun and entertaining way to introduce agriculture into the classroom.

What's the Buzz on Bees?


The honey bee is a critical link in the chain of how fruits, nuts, and vegetables are produced. This CD includes lesson plans on honey bees that are entertaining and educational.