Bring the farm to the classroom!

The FarmChat® program brings the farm experience directly into the classroom. Using a laptop at the school and a mobile device on the farm, teachers and their students can connect and interact with farmers and other agriculture professionals. This immersive experience allows students to see the daily operations of a working farm and engage in discussions with experienced farmers and agriculture career experts while conveniently staying within their classroom! 

FarmChat® programs can be initiated by farmers interested in sharing what they do, teachers wanting to educate students about agriculture, or by Agriculture in the Classroom coordinators, FFA members, or other groups wanting to share the story of agriculture! 

Upcoming FarmChat® Events 

There are currently no upcoming FarmChats scheduled. To request a FarmChat for your classroom, school, or district contact

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we continue to plan additional FarmChat® programs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register for a FarmChat®?

FarmChat® programs are geared toward bringing the farm into the classroom. Though some FarmChat® programs may be geared toward specific grades, all K-12 classrooms, homeschool assistance programs (HSAPs), and extracurricular organizations (FFA, 4-H, etc.) are welcome to register!

Why should I register for a FarmChat®?

FarmChat programs are a great way to bring agriculture into the classroom without ever needing to leave. Most farms and agribusinesses are not designed for large groups of visitors, which can create safety concerns and limit the areas of the location students are able to see. With a FarmChat®, the host and agriculture professional are able to showcase aspects of the farm/business that would not typically be included in a large-group field trip.

FarmChat® programs also make great resources to connect to the Iowa Core Standards. Many past participating educators have reported utilizing FarmChat® programs to extend student learning in the areas of science and social studies. 

What if I register and cannot make the event time?

Even if you are unable to make the live FarmChat® time, please go ahead and register! The live FarmChat will be recorded and sent to those that registered. Please allow for at least a week from the date of the live event for the recording to be sent. 

What topics are covered during a FarmChat®?

Each FarmChat® covers an array of agricultural concepts and topics. Livestock-centric FarmChat® programs traditionally cover animal care basics such as feed and housing, as well as the purpose of the operation featured. Other FarmChat® programs may cover topics such as crop production, agricultural careers, and agriculture history. To view any previously recorded FarmChat® programs, visit the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation's YouTube Channel.

When do FarmChat® programs occur?

FarmChat® programs can be scheduled any time throughout the year depending on the topic and availability of agricultural professionals and the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation team. Even if a live FarmChat® has not been scheduled, previously recorded FarmChat® programs are available anytime on the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation's YouTube channel. If you are interested in coordinating your own FarmChat® and need help getting started, please contact

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