FarmChat® is a unique program that utilizes technology (Skype, FaceTime and other software platforms) to bring the farm experience directly into school classrooms. Using a laptop at the school and a mobile device at the farm, students connect with and directly speak with the farmer. Students can see the farm and ask the farmer questions. They can even virtually ride along in the combine or tour a livestock barn all from the safety and security of their classroom.

FarmChat® programs can be initiated by farmers interested in sharing what they do. They can be initiated by teachers wanting to teach their students about crops and livestock. Or they can be initiated by Agriculture in the Classroom coordinators, FFA members, and other groups.

See the FarmChat® FAQ document for additional information or contact

Upcoming FarmChat® Events 

November 16th, 9:30am - Ag in Action: All About Poultry (Turkey Farming)

December 8th, 9:30am - Ag in Action: All About Poultry (Unique Poultry)

January 23rd, 9:30am - Ag in Action: All About Poultry (Food Safety and Preparation)

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