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Farm to Cart


This fun, simple game helps young students understand the general concept of where food products come from. Students will roll dice to harvest crops and livestock from the farm and place them in their cart.

Farmer Grows a Rainbow


Help young students understand how food and nutrition meet with this curriculum. Lessons accommodate the MyPlate nutrition format.

Source Search Kit


Students of all ages can learn about where products come from with this thought-provoking kit. Spoiler alert: all items either come from a farm or the natural world! This activity is a great way to start any new agriculture or natural resource unit.

Very Hungry Iowa Caterpillar


What would the Very Hungry Caterpillar eat if he was in Iowa? Find out with this kit!

Food Check-Out Week


This kit is used to celebrate American food and as a bridge to National Nutrition month in March.

Grocery Bag Search kit (corn, soybeans, beef)


In this kit, you will find three medium-sized plastic totes filled with examples of products that come from corn, soybeans, and beef cattle. For example, the corn tote includes not only corn chips, but also vitamin D, ketchup, and other interesting items.

Iowa Agriculture Breakout Activity


Harness the excitement of a breakout room in your classroom with a breakout box activity. This kit includes two identical breakout box sets to be used to have a friendly competition in your classroom to see which group can solve the puzzle the fastest. This kit focuses on Iowa agriculture to help students find the missing cornbread recipe!

It's Dinner Time


There's an old saying that we are what we eat! In this mini unit you get to test food for what nutrients are in it, figure out how many calories of energy you need, and discover the importance and amounts needed of varous nutrients.

What's for Lunch


We all ask this question, but most of us don't know what is all involved in getting food. This mini unit explores how the natural world gets its food and recycles materials to keep the planet going!

Where in the World Food Cards and Map


This kit contains the materials necessary to complete the activities for the National Agriculture in the Classroom lesson titled The Columbian Exchange of Old and New Foods. The kit includes food cards, a large fabric map, an answer key, and the corresponding lesson plan.