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Sweet Corn and Sushi


This bilingual book about the sister state relationship between Iowa and Yamanashi, Japan, was chosen as the 2004 Iowa Children's Book of the Year. It highlights the importance of the Iowa Hog Lift that brought breeding stock swine to Yamanashi after a devastating natural disaster.

A Hog Ate My Homework


Willie is bored - again! The second grader is about to find out how he did on his first school report. The problem is he wasn’t very inspired when he wrote it. He hoped no one would notice. But thanks in part to his fifth-grade sister Ashley, it seems like the whole world will! Can a trip to a family farm with Ashley help get him out of this mess? Will an old wagon re-ignite his creativity? Put on your work boots, we’re headed to the country! Willie has some work to do, and it could get very messy!

Awesome Agriculture Pigs; An A-Z Book


Part of the Awesome Agriculture series, the A-Z books introduce specific topics in agriculture to young children using vocabulary words for every letter of the alphabet. At the end of each A-Z book an activities section suggests fun things to do that will continue the learning process.

Busy Piggies


The latest book in the popular Busy board book series celebrates the many charms of our corkscrew-tailed, mud-loving friends as they engage in activities every toddler will recognize.

Down on the Farm: Pigs


From the "Down on the Farm" series, Pigs, will teach why pigs are raised on farms and various other facts about their life cycle, how pigs communicate, size, and by-products that come from pigs. You will also learn about breeds of swine around the world.

Farm Animals: Pigs


See real photos of pigs and learn more about the common Iowa animal with this fun, colorful, and informative elementary book.

Kailey's Pig "Tales"


Kailey's Pig Tales is the 6th in a book series about a city girl named Kailey who learns many fascinating things about agriculture. In this book, Kailey visits a pig farm.




Humorous, informative text discusses the life of a pig; from splashing about in the mud to opening refrigerator doors. Readers meet various breeds, both wild and domestic, from all over the world. Adorable illustrations capture the swiney splendor of each pig.

Pig 05049


In a complex and globalized world, it has become increasingly difficult to trace the liens that link raw materials with producers, products, and consumers. Designer Christien Meindertsma has published an intelligent project that attempts to chart this phenomenon. An extensive collection of photographic images has been assembled that document the mind-boggling array of various products that different parts of an anonymous pig called 05049 could support. A visual essay without moral undertones, this complete image of what the pig means to mankind provides a timely serving of food for thought.



From ancient wild boars to modern breeds, pigs are intriguing and often misunderstood. They may roll in mud when it's very hot out but prefer to be clean and tidy. With clear, simple text and bright, well-labeled watercolors, Gail Gibbons explores the truth about pigs. Digging up truffles, competing in county fairs, grunting and squealing to communicate, these flat-snouted farm animals are complex and surprisingly talented. Important vocabulary, information about domestic and wild breeds, and a page of fun pig facts are included. Ideal for young readers or classroom use, Pigs has everything you need to know, from snout to curly tail.

Pigs and Pork in the Story of Agriculture


Part of the Awesome Agriculture series, this book introduces children to the concepts in agriculture of pork production, processing, distribution, marketing, and consumerism. An accompanying educator guide is also available.

Pigs on the Farm (Farm Animals)


How are pigs raised on a farm? Young learners can find out with this simple, informative book!

Producers, Pigs and Pork


This story book is designed as an activity to partner with the complete Producers, Pigs, and Pork resource book and lesson plan binder, which contains a set of five lesson plans, story book, DVDs that address our food supply system, and focuses on pork production.

The Three Little Racing Pigs


Join the three pigs as they prepare to race the Big Fast Wolf at the farm's annual Harvest Run. This book is a part of the Fairy Tale Trail series.

Welcome to Our Farm!


Welcome to our farm! We invite you to join us on a trip to the farm. We hope you enjoy this chance to meet a real farm family and see their animals. The tour is about ready to start. Remember to be quiet so you don’t scare the animals! This book from the National Pork Board walks us through a real pig farm. You will learn how the pigs live and how the farmers take care of them.