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From Cow to Shoe


Follows a cow hide from the tannery where it is soaked, scraped, stretched, and sometimes dyed to the shoe factory where it is cut and stitched together to make shoes.

A Day at Our Dairy Farm


This book is about dairy cows. Real pictures are used to tell the story of how the milk gets from the cow to you. A simple, yet very informative way to launch into a unit on farm animals.

Clarabelle; Making Milk and So Much More


Following a day in the life of Clarabelle, one of 1,200 cows on a Wisconsin dairy farm, we learn what it takes for a cow to produce life-giving milk and also by-products like electricity. Vibrant, close-up photographs capture Clarabelle, her calf, and the youngest members of this multi-generational farm family.

Click, Clack, Moo; Cows That Type


Farmer Brown's problems really begin when his cows start leaving him notes! Come join the fun as a bunch of literate cows turn Farmer Brown's farm upside-down!




COW QUIZ 1. Where is the Brown Swiss cow from? 2. How much milk does a cow produce in a day? 3. Which one of the cow’s four stomachs rhymes with “Yo! Chase ’em!”? The answers to these and many other questions about cows can be found in the amusing but factual book about, you guessed it, COWS! With his clever and humorous text, Jules Older has again collaborated with popular Ben & Jerry’s illustrator Lyn Severance. This book is chock-full of facts with rich, bold colors that shouldn’t be missed.



An introduction to dairy cows and their life on a farm.

Cows have Calves


An introduction to the life cycle of cattle from birth to adult, discussing appearance, food, instinct, and nurturing.

Cows on the Farm


Text and photographs describe cows and how they are raised.

Cows on the Farm (Farm Animals)


Learn more about cattle, including where they sleep, what they eat, and what they look like!

Extra Cheese, Please! Mozzarella's Journey from Cow to Pizza


When Cris Peterson's cow Annabelle gives birth to a calf, an amazing process begins. Now Annabelle can produce milk -- about 40,000 glasses of milk each year, or enough cheese to top 1,800 pizzas. Alvis Upitis's sparkling photographs document the cheese-making process, starting on the farm where Annabelle's calf is born and milking begins, then moving to the cheese-making plant where the milk is heated and cooled, stirred and swirled, thickened, drained, and sliced, and finally packaged for stores. Cris Peterson's personal and informative text explains the process in a simple and engaging manner. A wonderful collaboration, concluding with the author's own recipe for pizza.

From Grass to Milk (Start to Finish)


How does grass help cows make yummy milk? Follow each step in the food production cycle - from cows eating grass to ice-cold milk - in this fascinating book!

From Milk to Cheese (Start to Finish)


Learn about the process that milk goes through to become one of our favorite foods - cheese!

From Milk to Cheese (Who Made My Lunch?)


Learn about where cheese comes from, and the jobs of a dairy farmer and cheese makers. How is milk made into cheese at a cheese factory? You will find out in this illustrated narrative nonfiction book.

From Milk to Ice Cream (Start to Finish)


How does milk turn into frosty ice cream? Follow each step in the food production cycle - from milking a cow to eating a frozen treat - in this fascinating book!

From Milk to Ice Cream (Who Made My Lunch?)


Ice cream might be your favorite dessert, but do you know how it's made? This new series explains just that! Come along on the journey as common household foods travel from farm to factory to table.

Hooray for Dairy Farming!


Students will look, listen and learn about how the milk we drink and other dairy products are produced.

Ice Cream; The Full Scoop


Cool and smooth and sweet, ice cream has long been a favorite treat. It cools you off when it's hot and is too delicious to resist even in cold weather. How did it get to be so scrumptious? Best-selling author/illustrator Gail Gibbons dishes out the latest scoop on ice cream production. Ice cream has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a mixture of snow, milk, and rice. Gail Gibbons details the many firsts in ice cream history, from the earliest ice cream crank to the original waffle cone. Children's mouths will be watering as they follow ice cream's journey from farm to factory to freezer.

Jumpin' Jackie; The Cow that Jumped Over the Moon


She leaps, she bounds, she jumps straight off the ground! Jumpin' Jackie was born to jump. The other calves and her mom just don't understand, but with hard work and a great attitude, the sky is the limit for Jumpin' Jackie.

Life on a Dairy Farm


This book explains the activities that take place on a working dairy farm, from the perspective of a child who lives there. Robert will show you fun and work involved in feeding, cleaning, and milking hundreds of cows every day.

Little Star… Raising our First Calf


Discover the joy of raising a calf through the eyes and experiences of twin girls Rianna and Sheridan.

Milk Comes from a Cow?


Milk Comes from a Cow is the first book in a series about a city girl named Kailey who learns many fascinating things about agriculture. In this book, Kailey and her grandma take a trip to a dairy farm, and Kailey learns that her milk comes from a cow. She also learns about different breeds of cows, what happens on a dairy farm, and how milk gets to the grocery store.

Milk From Cow to Carton


Aliki takes readers on a guided tour that begins with grazing cows, proceeds through milking and a trip to the dairy, and ends with some different foods made from milk. This revised edition of Aliki's 1974 Green Grass and White Milk is even more fun-filled and informative of the milk's trip from green grass, to cow, to a cool glass on the table.

Mini Milk Maids on the Mooove


The Chaney twins' personal experiences in the dairy industry include time with their grandfather, a retired dairy farmer; learning about what happens at a dairy farm from birth to milk production; participating in the Pee Wee division of the pretty cow contest at the county fair; joining the 4-H Cloverbuds club; and helping to make ice cream at South Mountain Creamery.

The Life Cycle of a Cow


This book introduces young students to the life cycle of a cow.

The Milk Makers


This 32-page book describes and illustrates the process of milk production from the care of the cows to the processing of the milk and each step in between.

The Cow in Patrick O'Shanahan's Kitchen


How now, milk cow? In this rib-tickling tale of a young boy faced with a very unusual breakfast guest, readers are treated to a deliciously humorous lesson in just where their next meal might come from. Join Patrick and his father as they face (and feast with) The Cow in Patrick O'Shanahan's Kitchen.

Producing Dairy and Eggs (The Technology of Farming)


How did dairy farms develop? What methods do organic farmers use? This book explores the technology used in dairy and egg farming.