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A Midwestern Corn Festival


This book explains the importance of corn as a crop. It explores corn's origins, history, and examines the rides, pageants, and other activities at a corn festival.

Anna's Corn


Anna's Corn portrays the love between a grandparent and grandchild and gently looks at loss and grief and the hope of new life. Barbara Santucci's simple story reassures young readers that memories can help heal our sadness, while Lloyd Bloom's poignant images capture the changing seasons of nature and life.

Awesome Agriculture; Corn


Part of the Awesome Agriculture series, the A-Z books introduce specific topics in agriculture to young children using vocabulary words for every letter in the alphabet. At the end of each A-to-Z book, an activities section suggests fun things to do that will continue the learning process.

Carlos and the Cornfield


This dual-language (Spanish and English) book tells the story of Carlos whose father offers him a little money if he will help plant the family's corn field. Carlos takes a shortcut but feels guilty and learns the meaning of the phrase 'cosechas lo que siembras'--you reap what you sow. This engaging story illustrates the simple life of a farming family and underscores the importance of hard work and honesty. 



Perennial nonfiction favorite, Gail Gibbons, turns her spotlight on corn. Popcorn, corn on the cob, corn dogs, cornflakes--corn is used in many of children's favorite foods. This book offers a cornucopia of information about the history of corn as well as details concerning planting, cultivation, harvesting, and its many uses.

Corn (A True Book)


This book takes a thorough look at corn, providing high quality information in both text and image. It provides a comprehensive overview of types of corn and their uses, how and where corn grows, the history of corn, and the uses of corn for food and more. The text and photos describe how corn is used in both food and non-food items. A section on corn breeding and the use of corn in creating renewable fuels and biodegradable plastics is also included. The book ends with a useful glossary.

Corn Belt Harvest


This clear and simple text traces the development of corn through the seasons, as it is planted, cultivated, and harvested.

Corn in the story of Agriculture


Part of the Awesome Agriculture series, this book introduces children to the concepts in agriculture of corn production, processing, distribution, marketing and consumerism.

Corn is Maize


Popcorn, corn on the cob, cornbread, tacos, tamales, and tortillas—all of these and many other good things come from one amazing plant. With simple prose and beautiful illustrations, award-winning author-illustrator Aliki tells the story of how Native American farmers thousands of years ago found and nourished a wild grass plant and made corn an important part of their lives.

Corn Life Cycles


This book is all about corn! Learn about the plant's life, from planting to harvest.

Corn Up Close


An introduction to corn, including its types, parts of the plant, and growth.

From Corn to Cereal


Provides an introduction to the basic concept of food production, distribution, and consumption by tracing the production of cereal from corn to the finished product.

From Kernel to Corn (Start to Finish)


How does a corn seed become corn on the cob? Follow each step in nature's cycle - from planting to picking and eating - in this fascinating book about sweet corn!

Jack and the Cornstalk


Join Jack on an a-maize-ing adventure in this farm-friendly adaptation of a timeless fairy tale.

Popcorn Country; The Story of America's Favorite Snack


Popcorn is one of America's favorite snacks. But where does that tub of fluffy goodness come from? Follow along as author Cris Peterson reveals popcorn's secrets, from planting, growing, and harvesting a special kind of corn to the extraordinary circumstances that help a hard kernel explode into a marvelous piece of popcorn.



Pull up a chair and dig in! Popcorn! Is chock-full of tidbits about one of America's favorite snack foods. Learn what makes popcorn pop, how Native Americans liked their popcorn, and how television almost wiped out popcorn's future. Cooking tips, recipes, and resources included.

The Life and Times of Corn


What grain has seeds in all colors of the rainbow, can grow 20 feet high, is often harvested by moonlight, ans is more valuable to the United States than gold? The Life and Times series focuses on the science and uses history of America's most prevalent crop in this book on corn.

Seed Soil Sun


Once again, noted author Cris Peterson brings both wonder and clarity to the subject of agriculture, celebrating the cycle of growth, harvest, and renewal. Using the corn plant as an example, she takes the reader through the story of germination and growth of a small corn seed into a giant plant reaching high into the air, with roots extending over six feet into the ground. The book also discusses the makeup of soil and the amazing creatures who live there, from microscopic one-celled bacteria to moles, amoebas, and earthworms.

So You Want to Grow a Taco?


Do tortillas grow on trees? Not quite! Follow this story to learn about where taco ingredients come from, and how to make your own.

Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corn & Beans


This excellent book describes how foods from North and South America changed eating around the world. It focuses on corn, beans, peppers, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, and chocolate but also includes other foods that originated in the Americas. Can you imagine Italian food without the tomato? Indian curries without the pepper? German or Irish food without the potato? Corn is now the most widely grown grain in the world. This book details the history of those transitions and is illustrated with historic artwork and modern photos. For anyone wishing to understand the real gold found in America, this book is an essential read.

Sweet Corn and Sushi


This bilingual book about the sister state relationship between Iowa and Yamanashi, Japan, was chosen as the 2004 Iowa Children's Book of the Year. It highlights the importance of the Iowa Hog Lift that brought breeding stock swine to Yamanashi after a devastating natural disaster.

Tucker Took It!


A goat had his eye on the corn. Tucker has a big appetite. After all, he's a goat, and goats are known to eat anything. The food that he loves best, however, is corn. Tucker especially loves it when it's picked fresh from the stalk. Now it's the time of summer when the corn on MRs. Zook's farm is almost ready. But Tucker, who is one very hungry goat, can't wait any longer. That's when the farm goes topsy-turvy and things suddenly go missing. When anything disappears, the animals and Mrs. Zook come to only one conclusion: Tucker took it!

Ethanol and Other New Fuels


Many people love the taste of sweet corn. But did you know that corn can also power cars and trucks? Corn, sugarcane, and other plants are used to make a type of fuel called ethanol. Learn how ethanol and other fuels may help keep us on the go in the future.

Pump Ethanol


Enjoy the story about Kenneth and his desire to have the most exciting job in the world. He wanted to b a farmer. After talking to his dad, he becomes discouraged because his father told him he had to find new ways to make farming better. A classroom assignment sends Kenneth and his class on a new journey to find ways to make what farmers produce more valuable. How could the class help farmers?