Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary



Farmers and Gardeners


To help students understand some key differences and similarities between large-scale (farmer) and small-scale (gardeners) food production, while helping students learn to make connections, communicate, and use visual aids to portray concepts.

Agriculture BINGO


Students will be familiarized with the importance of agriculture and how it touches their everyday lives.

Agriculture Pictionary


Students will explore the uses of common Iowa products by playing the agriculture version of the popular game, Pictionary.

Animals in Iowa


The students will learn about livestock raised in Iowa while strengthening their language arts and 21st century skills through basic internet research.

Apple Production


Students will learn and identify factors that go into producing an apple. They will learn how an apple grows throughout each season and how each season is important for apple production.

Avian Influenza - Supply and Demand


Students will gain an understanding of supply and demand, making predictions for the price of future egg prices.

Beef Mathematics


To help students understand how beef cattle are raised and the role that plays in their lives and in Iowa, while practicing math topics outlined by Iowa Core standards.

Beef Science


To help students understand how beef cattle are raised and the role that plays in their lives and in Iowa.

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts


Students will compare packing peanuts made from Styrofoam with ones made from biodegradable materials (like corn), identify which are made from renewable and nonrenewable resources, and evaluate the impact of each on environment.

Build a Calf


Students will explore genes and heredity in the context of beef cattle.

By-Product Riddle


Students will learn and exercise knowledge of the uses of by-products of common Midwestern crops.

Caring for Chickens


Students will be able to explain what chickens need to live (shelter, food, water, health) and how farmers care for them.

Collaborative Corn Stalk


Students will explore the parts of a corn plant and their uses.

Conservation Nation


Students will learn about issues concerning soil and water and how farmers use science to help conserve these resources.

Corny Charades and more


Students will learn more about corn while honing language arts skills like determining main idea and vocabulary comprehension.

The CORNtinuous Life Cycle


To teach students about the life cycle of corn and explain the steps a farmer takes to grow and harvest a product.

Corn: Seed to Cereal


Students will sequence photographs to tell the story of Seed to Cereal, while learning about corn production, beef production, ethanol production, and food production in general.

Corn, Soybeans, and You


Students will compare and contrast corn and soybean plants, the growth and development, and how each are used for different purposes and make different products that all of us use daily. Students will also learn and identify the parts of a monocot and dicot and measure growth.

Corn Volumes


Students will work to solve math problems relating to volume, while learning about corn production in Iowa.

Cracker Pizza


Students will learn about the sources and healthfulness of several common foods.