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Addressing Early Misconceptions of Agriculture


This kit includes resources designed to help young students learn the basics of agriculture.

Agricultural About … Books


Many students create books in school. Why not make one about agriculture? This kit includes sample materials for students to learn about farm animals.

Farm a Month


The Farm a Month kit provides an exciting way for teachers, families, and classroom volunteers to engage preschool and elementary age students in agricultural-based lessons throughout the year. The kit was developed with the goal of helping foster conversations about where food and fiber comes from.

Farm Charm


With this kit, students will learn about elements of what is found on a farm and place representative items in a small bag.

Farm Scholar; Bushels or Bust


This interactive activity will teach students about economics, by having them make decisions that farmers would make in real life. Students will learn about risk, supply and demand, and fluctuating markets.

Farm to Cart


This fun, simple game helps young students understand the general concept of where food products come from. Students will roll dice to harvest crops and livestock from the farm and place them in their cart.

Farmer Grows a Rainbow


Help young students understand how food and nutrition meet with this curriculum. Lessons accommodate the MyPlate nutrition format.

Farmers & Gardeners


What's the difference between a farmer and a gardener? This kit includes printed, laminated cards to help young students sort photos of things farmers work with (large machinery, bags of seeds, etc.), things gardeners work with (hand tools, packets of seeds, etc.), and things both need (soil, water, and sun).

Many Hats of an Iowa Farmer kit


Help students learn about the many roles of a farmer with this highly interactive dress-up activity. Students will have the opportunity to dress up as a job that a farmer is tasked with. Professions like agronomist, businessperson, mechanic, and meteorologist are discussed. This is a very large and extensive kit, taking up two large storage totes. Please plan for local pick-up and drop-off if you'd like to use this kit.

My Farm Web


Young students will explore agriculture connections by creating a 3-D concept map of agricultural products. By distinguishing relationships and linking phrases, students will be exposed to the way agriculture touches their everyday lives.