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Corn Belt Harvest


This clear and simple text traces the development of corn through the seasons, as it is planted, cultivated, and harvested.

A Year on the Farm With Casey and Friends


A Year on the Farm introduces children to the world of modern farming, showing the tractors, combines and other equipment needed to plant and harvest crops. The book is filled with photographs of equipment at work and a cast of illustrated characters including Casey the farmer and Tillus the worm, and a whole team of equipment characters. Casey and her farm equipment friends teach readers about the different jobs a farmer does each season. Children will learn that modern farming involves planning for the farm year, reacting to the weather and working hard as a team.



Explore how people around the world celebrate harvest. Learn about cultures, people and agriculture.

Harvest Time


Text and photographs describe how several different crops, including pumpkins, corn, potatoes, and cranberries are picked and gathered by humans and by machine.

Harvest Year


Most people think of autumn as the time of harvest, but in the United States, the harvesting of food takes place all year long. From carrots in January to strawberries in April to watermelons in July, there is a wonderful and constant diversity of crops. Stunning photographs and a clear and simple text take the reader through the calendar year and show the crops growing and being harvested, as well as children enjoying foods of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The team who created Extra Cheese, Please! now brings you Harvest Year, a phenomenal new book that is as beautiful as it is informative.

The Future of Farming


This book explores the future of farming on a global scale, including the environmental, political, social, and economic implications of farming.

Producing Fruits (The Technology of Farming)


When did fruit farming begin? What methods make farming fruit sustainable? This book explores the technology used in fruit farming.

Producing Grains (The Technology of Farming)


When did people begin farming grain? Can science produce more grain? This book explores the technology used in farming grains.

Producing Vegetables  (The Technology of Farming)


How are vegetables produced today? How to vegetables get from the farm to the table? This book explores the technology used in vegetable farming.

Fifty Years of Disruptive Innovation


Fifty more years from now, regardless of what technological changes come in the way we communicate, this book will still function as it was intended. It’s the simple story of how Kinze Manufacturing fought the industry giants and grew to one of the largest privately held farm equipment manufacturers in the world.