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Carlos and the Cornfield


This dual-language (Spanish and English) book tells the story of Carlos whose father offers him a little money if he will help plant the family's corn field. Carlos takes a shortcut but feels guilty and learns the meaning of the phrase 'cosechas lo que siembras'--you reap what you sow. This engaging story illustrates the simple life of a farming family and underscores the importance of hard work and honesty. 

Harvesting Friends, Cosechando Amigos


Harvesting Friends, Cosechando Amigos is a story about a garden that grows more than its garden vegetables; it grows friendships!  Come meet young Lupe and her new friend Antonio as they meet in an unexpected way and grow their friendship to include their neighbors and friends of all ages.

Animales de la Granja


A Spanish book about animals that live on a farm.

Crecer en una Granja


A Spanish book about how people and animals grow up on farms. English version, Growing up on a Farm, also available.

Cultivos de la Granja


A Spanish book about crops that are raised on a farm. English version, Farm Crops, is also available.

Dia de Mercado


A Spanish book about a school trip to a farmer's market. An educator guide and English version are also available.

Edificios de la Granja


A Spanish book about buildings that are present on a farm.

El Circulo de las Calabazas


This treat of a picture book comes cloaked in the colors of fall. Bouncy verse and glowing photographs show a backyard pumpkin patch move through its natural cycle. The English version, The Pumpkin Circle, is also available.

Maquinaria de la Granja


A Spanish book that talks about the machines present on the farm and what their uses are. English version, Farm Machinery, is also available.