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Full of Beans; Henry Ford Grows a Car


Henry Ford made cars, but this story isn't just about his cars. It's about one car and a lot of soybeans. Ford incorporated soybeans into every part of his life: he ate beans, he wore beans, and he wanted to drive beans. So Ford created his most innovative car yet--one that was full of beans.

Auntie Yang's Great Soybean Picnic


Auntie Yang discovers something special in the crop field and has a soybean picnic, and a new tradition.

Awesome Agriculture Soybeans; An A-Z Book


Part of the Awesome Agriculture series, the A-Z books introduce specific topics in agriculture to young children by using vocabulary words for every letter in the alphabet. At the end of each A-Z book, an activities section suggests fun things to do that will continue the learning process.

Beans Life Cycles


This book is all about beans and their life cycle.

Coolbean the Soybean


Meet Coolbean the Soybean! He's a super bean, but he has something very important in common with kids everywhere. He needs the support and knowledge of his family and friends, including an awesome farmer and some smart scientists to grow up.

Pod to Plate


Learn more about each stage of a soybean plant's life, complete with beautiful, modern photos.

Soybeans in the Story of Agriculture


Part of the Awesome Agriculture series, this book introduces children to the concepts of soybean production, processing, distribution, marketing, and consumerism. An accompanying educator guide is also available.

The Super Soybean


Readers will be amazed to learn how much contact they have in their daily lives with soy. As the author notes, the versatile bean is used in foods, plastics, medicines, fuels, inks, crayons, and zillions of other products!