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Busy Chickens


Busy chickens are squawking, perching, leaping, and more! Vivid, full-color photographs will keep toddlers engaged as they imitate the many actions the chickens are doing. Join the fun!

Chick Life Cycle


Learn all about a chick's life cycle in this book for young students. Simple text and clear pictures make it fun to learn about different chicken breeds, the parts of a chicken, how the chick embryo develops, and how a baby chick grows into a mature hen that can lay its own eggs.



Chickens introduces the most common bird in the world to students by presenting facts about its physical characteristics, what it eats, where it lives, and the eggs it lays.

Chickens Have Chicks


An introduction to the life cycle of chickens from hatching as chicks to adults, describing their appearance, feeding habits, and growth.

Chicks and Chickens


Domestic chickens are an essential part of agriculture and food production in America. Gibbons takes a look at how chicken eggs are developed for human consumption and at how fertilized eggs develop into embryos and finally into fuzzy little baby chicks. The behavior of the birds is discussed, and descriptions of the different breeds of chickens across America are provided. Once again Gibbons provides a colorful, accessible account of this familiar, domesticated bird.

Chickens on the Farm


How do chickens live? What do they need? Help your young learners find out with this simple, educational book.

Chickens on the Farm (Farm Animals)


This book for grades K-3 explores the importance of chickens in agriculture. Colorful photographs illustrate how farmers care for chickens, and fun facts are included throughout. Students will learn that there are more than 16 billion chickens on Earth, that poultry is another name for farm birds that people raise for meat and eggs, and much more.  

Farm Animals: Chickens


Learn all about chickens, from how they sleep to what they eat. This easy to read, factual book will answer all your questions about chickens. A complete table of contents, glossary, and index make this book easy to use.

Farm Animals: Turkeys


Turkeys are social creatures. They stay together on the farm and gobble to communicate. This book introduces children to the look and behavior of turkeys.

From Egg to Chicken


Discover how an egg grows into a chicken. This title explains animal growth in a clear and organized manner. Readers will love watching the transformations take place.