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From Goat to Cheese (Start to Finish)


How does the milk from a goat become tasty cheese? Follow each step in the process - from milking a goat to shaping and packaging the cheese - in this fascinating book!

A Day at Greenhill Farm


When the rooster crows Greenhill Farm springs to life. Join the ducklings, cows and sheep for a day on the farm.

A New Coat for Anna


In A New Coat for Anna by Harriet Ziefert, Anna needs a new coat, but her mother has no money, and the stores are empty. The story takes place in the hard times following World War II. Anna's mother barters, directly exchanging goods or services with a sheep farmer, a spinner, a weaver, and a tailor to produce the new coat. 

Animals in Translation


Temple Grandin, a renowned animal scientist, uses this book to talk about animal behavior from the lens of a person with autism.

Animals on the Farm


Welcome to the farm! Listen to all of the animals in this barnyard board book with sounds and music.

April Foolishness


It's a spring morning on the farm with grandma and grandpa and the kids are trying to plan an April Fools' trick on grandpa. It's April Fools' Day fun!

Beauty and the Bees


Join Beauty in this farm-friendly adaptation of a timeless fairy tale that reminds us of how sweetness can "bee" found in unexpected places.

Bee's Amazing Adventure


Bee's Amazing Adventure brings farming and ranching in the Grand Canyon State to life, exploring the state's rich agricultural diversity through the eyes of Pee Wee Bee. Delighting elementary-aged students as she flits from field to field, Pee Wee shares fascinating facts about agriculture that stimulate young minds, helping schoolchildren understand the integral role that agriculture plays in Arizona's economy. Filled with carefully researched information and eye-catching photography, Bee's Amazing Adventure is a trusted classroom and library resource that interactively captures the essence of Arizona Agriculture.

Bug Watcher


This guide talks students through common insects' life cycles, anatomy, and gives ideas for observation and projects.

Busy Barnyard


This board book depicts farm animals in a free-range, diversified farm, using rhyming text to captivate young readers.