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Extra Cheese, Please! Mozzarella's Journey from Cow to Pizza


When Cris Peterson's cow Annabelle gives birth to a calf, an amazing process begins. Now Annabelle can produce milk -- about 40,000 glasses of milk each year, or enough cheese to top 1,800 pizzas. Alvis Upitis's sparkling photographs document the cheese-making process, starting on the farm where Annabelle's calf is born and milking begins, then moving to the cheese-making plant where the milk is heated and cooled, stirred and swirled, thickened, drained, and sliced, and finally packaged for stores. Cris Peterson's personal and informative text explains the process in a simple and engaging manner. A wonderful collaboration, concluding with the author's own recipe for pizza.

From Grass to Milk (Start to Finish)


How does grass help cows make yummy milk? Follow each step in the food production cycle - from cows eating grass to ice-cold milk - in this fascinating book!

From Milk to Cheese (Start to Finish)


Learn about the process that milk goes through to become one of our favorite foods - cheese!

From Milk to Cheese (Who Made My Lunch?)


Learn about where cheese comes from, and the jobs of a dairy farmer and cheese makers. How is milk made into cheese at a cheese factory? You will find out in this illustrated narrative nonfiction book.

From Milk to Ice Cream (Start to Finish)


How does milk turn into frosty ice cream? Follow each step in the food production cycle - from milking a cow to eating a frozen treat - in this fascinating book!

From Milk to Ice Cream (Who Made My Lunch?)


Ice cream might be your favorite dessert, but do you know how it's made? This new series explains just that! Come along on the journey as common household foods travel from farm to factory to table.

Ice Cream; The Full Scoop


Cool and smooth and sweet, ice cream has long been a favorite treat. It cools you off when it's hot and is too delicious to resist even in cold weather. How did it get to be so scrumptious? Best-selling author/illustrator Gail Gibbons dishes out the latest scoop on ice cream production. Ice cream has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a mixture of snow, milk, and rice. Gail Gibbons details the many firsts in ice cream history, from the earliest ice cream crank to the original waffle cone. Children's mouths will be watering as they follow ice cream's journey from farm to factory to freezer.

Milk Comes from a Cow?


Milk Comes from a Cow is the first book in a series about a city girl named Kailey who learns many fascinating things about agriculture. In this book, Kailey and her grandma take a trip to a dairy farm, and Kailey learns that her milk comes from a cow. She also learns about different breeds of cows, what happens on a dairy farm, and how milk gets to the grocery store.

Milk From Cow to Carton


Aliki takes readers on a guided tour that begins with grazing cows, proceeds through milking and a trip to the dairy, and ends with some different foods made from milk. This revised edition of Aliki's 1974 Green Grass and White Milk is even more fun-filled and informative of the milk's trip from green grass, to cow, to a cool glass on the table.

Food and Agriculture


This series introduces themes such as saving and recycling resources, the effects of pollution, how we use the land, migration, and settlement. It looks at how research is carried out, which reinforces the pupil's own experience of geographical investigation; contains large photographs including aerial views, maps, and graphs to illustrate statistical information; and includes case studies of someone working in the field.