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Amazing Grazing


This award-winning author and photographer team presents an exciting portrait of a new approach to ranching and environmental conservation in the American West.

Awesome Agriculture Beef Cattle; an A-Z book


Part of the Awesome Agriculture series, the A-Z books introduce specific topics in agriculture to young children using vocabulary words for every letter in the alphabet. At the end of each A-Z book, an activities section suggests fun things to do that will continue the learning process.

Beef Cattle in the story of Agriculture


Part of the Awesome Agriculture series, this book introduces children to the concepts in agriculture of beef production, processing, distribution, marketing, and consumerism.

Can-Do Cowkids


Howdy from a Georgia cattle farm! A Big storm passed through the ranch last night, and Can-Do Cowkids Cody and Cassidy are looking for some help to make sure the cattle are safe and sound! Join them on an adventure as they explore the farm and discover new and exciting agricultural careers along the way!

Cattle Kids: A Year On the Western Trail


This book is a fun photo essay teaching young readers about the life of kids on a cattle ranch. They will meet girls and boys who help on their family's cattle ranches and take part in many aspects of the ranch. Students will enjoy looking at the important jobs performed by other children their age and making comparisons to their own chores. The book provides an accurate look at western cattle ranching.

From Cow to Shoe


Follows a cow hide from the tannery where it is soaked, scraped, stretched, and sometimes dyed to the shoe factory where it is cut and stitched together to make shoes.

From Leather to Football (Start to Finish)


How does a sheet of leather become a football? Follow each step in the process - from cutting the leather to pumping air into the finished ball - in this fascinating book!

Harvey; A Ranch Birthday


Written and illustrated by a rancher, this book tells about Harvey's adventures on his first day on the ground, from walking, meeting the rancher, and getting his own ear tag.

Heart of a Shepherd


When Brother's dad is shipped off to Iraq, along with the rest of his reserve unit, Brother must help his grandparents keep the ranch going. He’s determined to maintain it just as his father left it, in the hope that doing so will ensure his father’s safe return. The hardships Brother faces will not only change the ranch, but also reveal his true calling.

How a Cow Stopped the World


How important are cattle? How many things in our life do they impact? This book helps put cattle's importance in perspective.