Lesson Plans - Pre K - 2nd Articles




Agriculture Across the USA


Students will use knowledge of climate and landforms to study food production regions throughout the United States.

All About Milk!


Students will explore the variety of milks available and the source of those milks.

Animal or Plant?


Students will learn about the sources of different foods by differentiating between foods originating from plants and foods originating from animals.

Apples and Pumpkins: Compare and Contrast


Students will explore the life cycles and traits of apples and pumpkins.

Bees - Life Cycle and Pollination


Students will learn the life cycle of a honey bee and their importance to agriculture through pollination.

Bees as Pollinators


Students will understand the importance of bees and the basics of pollination.

Corn is a Vegetable


Students will understand that corn is a vegetable and some of the different parts of a corn plant by taking a closer look at corn plants. Students will gain language arts and science skills through analyzing this common Iowa vegetable.

Corn to Cereal and Cotton to Blue Jeans


Students will learn about goods and services and how different goods get from the farm to the consumer.

Creating Healthy Meals


The students will be able to identify food groups and healthy food options.

A Day as a Farmer


By the end of this lesson, students will: 1. understand a farmer's responsibilities and skills. 2. have an opportunity to collaborate with their team to make decisions for their farm.