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A Culture of Conservation


DVD – A series of six short videos that explore the relationship we have with soil and water and offers ways for everyone to have an active role in protecting and preserving the Earth’s natural resources. Videos: Water is Life, We All Have a Place in the Watershed, Don't Call it Dirt: A Passion for Soil, Work of Our Hands, Reclaiming Stewardship, Building a Culture of Conservation: Iowan to Iowan.

Agriculture and You!


Join students as they magically discover the wide variety of products made from corn, soybeans, hogs, sheep, beef cattle and dairy cows, as well as their lunch on this educational DVD.

Agro-Security: Safeguarding the American Food Supply


Safeguarding the American Food Supply, providing a format for discussion about our nation's food supply, issues, and more are included on this DVD. This is an excellent tool to foster discussions.

All About Eggs; From Magic to Market


How do we get eggs? This DVD highlights the miracle of baby chicks hatching and taking first steps, then shows how they are inspected, packaged, and delivered to markets.

Apple Farming for Kids


The fun and educational Vrrrooommm DVD of Farmer Bill who takes a look at apple farming. From pollinating to processing, join Farmer Bill as he shares how apples are grown and make it to your local market. You’ll even go to an apple factory and see apples being made into things like applesauce and cider. This video shows plenty of high-tech equipment and spectacular footage guaranteed to entertain and enlighten viewers both young and old.

Bringing Biotechnology to Life


This 20-minute DVD for students in grades 7-12 explores biotechnology through the eyes of Julian as he creates a PowerPoint presentation for science class. When a frustrated Julian contacts his online friend, Cora, for help she enlists her Uncle Vince, a farmer familiar with biotechnology. During an instant online message, Uncle Vince refers Julian to scientists with expertise in food science, genomics, plant genetics, and crop molecular biology. Using their leads, Julian assembles video clips about biotechnology for his report. The fast-paced DVD explores an array of biotechnologies being developed for use in medicine, fuel production, nutrition, and feeding a hungry planet and provides a comprehensive overview to introduce the topic of biotechnology.

Converting Your Planter for No-Till Operation


Conservation practices such as no-tillage help to save money, curb erosion and increase soil health by reducing equipment needs and saving fuel. In a no-till situation, the planter is the key to success. This DVD offers tips for these adjustments.

Corn – Modern Marvels


This show uncovers the many uses for the largest agricultural crop in the U.S. While corn has fed the masses from ancient times to present day, its unique properties make it ideal for a number of other applications – from making packing material to performance plastics to bio-fuel. See how corn has become a true marvel of the 21st Century science and agriculture through this DVD.

Cover Crops: Farmer Perspectives


This DVD video features seven Iowa farmers who have been using cover crops on their farms. They share their experiences in establishing cover crops and provide learning tips. The video also includes segments on growing cover crops for seed and grazing cover crops.

Cowboy Dan's Frontier; Good News


Join Cowboy Dan to get a glimpse into the world of agriculture on this DVD. You'll see that because of American agriculture our world is in a better place.