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Pieces and Parts


Every part of a plant or animal is made in a certain way so that it can do a certain kind of job. All the parts must work together to keep the plant or animal healthy and alive.

Animals on the Farm!


This kit contains a reproducible coloring sheet as well as samples of wool, felt, grain, and feed samples for students to observe.

Beef Book Word Blocks


With this super-sized kit, students can literally build sentences! Vocabulary words from the My Family's Beef Farm book are mounted on carboard blocks, which elementary students can use to build sentences, sort into word type, sort into number of sylables per word, or many other great activities!

Beef Book Word Strips


Using vocabulary words from the My Family's Beef Farm book, this kit has word strips that are perfect for creating sentences on desktops or on a white board. Have students write the main idea of the story, define a new word, or sort the words to help build their literary skills!

Build a Calf kit


Students can start learning about simple Mendelian genetics with this kit and lesson. Students will roll dice or flip a coin to learn what trait their calf's parents will pass on, and will then analyze the traits to learn about dominant and recessive traits. Students finish the activity by coloring a picture of their calf based on the traits they discover the parents passed on.

Chicken Genetics Matching Activity


Match parents to offpsring with this chicken genetics activity set.

Chicken Life Cycle Exploration Set


This high-quality kit includes 21 plastic eggs that show illustrations of a chick's embryonic development of that day, from fertilization to hatching.

Countdown To Hatch


Help your students understand embryology with this kit. The kit includes 21 colored plastic eggs with paper inserts that give illustrations for each day of the chick's development. Students can open a new egg each day to learn about how the chick is developing.

Dress Up a Cow


This engaging dress up activity helps students learn the structures and functions of cattle versus humans. Meant to be used as an activity after reading My Family's Beef Farm, this kit includes materials to dress up a student with cow ears, a "leather" vest, a flyswatter tail, and more to illustrate what makes cattle, cattle!

Parent/Offspring Chicken Breeds Activity cards


This kit contains informational cards with photos and information of major chicken breeds. An activity guide is also included.