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Basic Needs


Plants and animals need certain things in order to survive and thrive. Some of the most important needs are food, water, air, and sunlight. This mini unit explores what happens when plants are exposed to their basic needs and when they are not.

Biology and Chemistry of Soil Experiment Kit


Time to play in the dirt! Students use ordinary soil samples to conduct a thorough evaluation of soil. Simple, easy-to-follow techniques and staining procedures are introduced early in this series of activiteis. After preforming a series of activities, students are asked to draw conclusions about a soil's ability to support plant growth. All tests are performed using either the patented template or calibrated test tubes.

Describing DNA Differences


We're all a product of DNA action, but what is it? In this mini unit, you'll get to separate DNA from a fruit, build models of it, and find out how it works! When you get done you'll understand more about what makes us special.

Dirty Science


Few people realize they are walking on Earth's most valuable resource: dirt. If it wasn't for soil, there would be no plants. If there were no plants, there would be no animals. This mini unit lets students take apart dirt, make their own soil recipe, and test how well different dirt recipes can grow plants. So let's talk dirt!

Earth Stuff


Rocks, soil, water, and air are basic Earth materials. This mini unit explores the properties of these materials, and how different properties make them useful in different ways.

Get Dirty


All materials have characteristics called properties. The basic properties of soil are color, texture, nutrient value, and porosity. All these properties are explored in this unit.

Have a Life


This mini unit is all about life cycles of plants and animals. All living things have life cycles. They are born, they grow, they reproduce, and they eventually die. Most living things closely resemble their parents. Plants must have a way of spreading their pollen and their seeds to insure their kind continues.

Our Planet Support System


Every time any animal eats something, it's a "bite" of sunshine energy. That energy is supplied by plants and photosynthesis. This mini unit gives students an idea of how much plants and animals rely on each other for life!

Pieces and Parts


Every part of a plant or animal is made in a certain way so that it can do a certain kind of job. All the parts must work together to keep the plant or animal healthy and alive.

Responsible Resources


Life on Earth is dependent on Earth's natural resources. In this mini-unit, students will learn about these resources, and will discover how we need to balance use of these without overusing them.