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Christmas on the Farm


An illustrated book reminiscing the simple side of the holiday season, emphasizing the joy of family and friends over material goods.



Here, in their second stunning collaboration, Diane Siebert and Wendell Minor create a joyful, singing celebration of this country's Heartland, the Midwest. It is a land where wheat fields grow and cornfields stretch across the plains to create a patchwork quilt in hues of yellow, green, and brown; a land where herds of cattle graze in pastures draped in lush, green grass, and a newborn calf stands in the sun. And upon this land toils the farmer, strong and proud, whose weathered face tells a tale of a life of work that's never done. The Heartland -- a land where, despite man's power, nature reigns.

Snow Comes to the Farm


A day comes when the air holds its breath, still and full of expectation. Snow is coming, and soon the land will be transformed. This is the story of two brothers, waiting and watching in Owl Woods, for the first snow of winter.

Soil, Seeds, Sun and Rain! How Nature Works on a Farm


This book talks about the way nature impacts crops. What happens when it rains too much? What happens if it rains too little? What can farmers do to help their plants? This book answers those questions and more!

Spend a Year on the Farm


This picture book has bright, full-page photographs that help young learners discover the world of agriculture.

1001 Things to Spot on the Farm


With lots of things to find and count of every page, this picture book will provide hours of puzzle-solving fun for very young children. The bright, busy scenes bring to life farms from around the world. Counting sheep has never been so much fun.

A Day in the Life of a Farmer


Follow a farmer through the work day as they describe farming and what the job requires.

A Visit to the Farm


Introduction to the farm, with descriptions of farm buildings and some farm animals, including chickens, sheep, and pigs.

All Kinds of Farms


Text and photographs introduce crops that grow in a variety of locations and climates.

Always Be Careful on the Farm


This book helps students learn about farm safety by following Safety Sam as he leads an adventure around the farm.