Affiliate Members and Local Contacts

Affiliate Members and Local Contacts

Many Agriculture in the Classroom programs are implemented by local and regional organizations. The Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation supports these local and regional organizations by providing resources and facilitating a network that seeks to improve agricultural literacy — awareness, knowledge, and appreciation — among PreK-12 teachers and their students. If your organization is interested in becoming an affiliate member of Iowa Agriculture in the Classroom learn more here

Local and regional Agriculture in the Classroom programs are organized differently. Some programs have several paid staff and others operate with volunteers. See the listing of affiliate members to find your local contact. 

Adair County Farm Bureau

Sherri Menefee

641-742-3631 •  Email

Area served: Adair Co.

Allamakee County Farm Bureau

Carol Schoenthal

563-568-4125 •   Email

Area served: Allamakee Co.

Audubon County Farm Bureau

 Megan Kelly

712-563-3594 •   Email

Area served: Audubon Co.

Boone County Farm Bureau

Marcia Hagedorn

515-460-3538 •  Email

Area served: Boone Co.









Bremer and Floyd County Farm Bureaus

Susan Cook

641-228-3742 •  Email

Area served: Bremer and Floyd Co.

Buchanan and Delaware County Farm Bureaus

Shelby Hawkins

319-334-2562 •   Email

Area served: Buchanan Co. and Delaware Co.

Buena Vista County Farm Bureau

Jan Burhop

712-732-4004 •   Email

Area served: Buena Vista Co.


Butler County Farm Bureau

Ruth Seehusen

319-267-2784 •  Email

Area served: Butler Co.

Cass County Farm Bureau

Beth Bornholdt

712-210-6431 •   Email

Area served: Cass Co.

Chickasaw County Farm Bureau

Jessica Rochford

641-394-3029 •   Email

Area served: Chickasaw Co.

Clay County Farm Bureau

Jennifer McCartan

712-262-5708 •    Email

Area served: Clay Co.

Clayton County Farm Bureau

Cindy Werges

563-245-1690 •    Email

Area served: Clayton Co.  

Clinton and Jackson County Farm Bureaus

Ally Schwartz

563-659-5134 •   Email

Area served: Clinton and Jackson Co.

Dallas County Farm Bureau

Maggie Cannon

515-993-4266 •  Email

Area served: Dallas Co.

Des Moines County Farm Bureau

Jaci Steffener

319-394-3805 •     Email

Area served:  Des Moines Co.

Dickinson County Farm Bureau

Carol Hiner

712-336-3289 •   Email

Area served: Dickinson Co.

Dickinson County ISU Extension & Outreach

Hannah Dibble

712-336-3488 •  Email

Area served:  Dickinson Co.

Dubuque County Farm Bureau

Rachel Ambrosy

563-379-3880 •       Email

Area served:  Dubuque Co.  

East Pottawatamie County Farm Bureau

Joyce Isaacson

712-482-3496 •      Email

Area served: Pottawatamie Co., eastern half

Fayette County Farm Bureau

Jenna Chapman

563-425-3383 •     Email

Area served:    Fayette Co.  

Guthrie County Farm Bureau

 Megan Kelly

641-747-3014 •   Email

Area served: Guthrie Co.





Fremont County Farm Bureau

Kasey Wallace

712-374-2620 •   Email

Area served:  Fremont Co.

Hamilton County Farm Bureau

Angie Nelson

515-832-3480 •  Email

Area served: Hamilton Co.

Hardin County Farm Bureau

Rachel Nedved

641-939-5428 •  Email

Area served: Hardin Co.

Henry County Farm Bureau

Jaci Steffener

319-385-3174 •    Email

Area served:  Henry Co.

Howard County Farm Bureau 

Jessica Rochford

563-547-2937 •     Email

Area served:  Howard Co.  

Humboldt County Farm Bureau

Kalene Berte

515-368-1977 •   Email

Area served: Humboldt Co.

Ida County Farm Bureau

Anne Andersen

712-364-2931 •  Email

Area served: Ida Co.









Jasper County Farm Bureau

Trish Hafkey

641-792-6253 •   Email

Area served: Jasper Co.

Jefferson County Farm Bureau

Taryn Reed

641-472-2128 •    Email

Area served: Jefferson Co.

Keokuk County Farm Bureau

Marie Snakenberg

641-622-2310 •    Email

Area served: Keokuk Co.

Lee County Farm Bureau

John Sandbothe

319-835-5126 •  Email

Area served: Lee Co.

Linn County Farm Bureau

Morgan Hibbs

319-471-2152 •     Email

Area served: Linn Co.

Loess Hills Agriculture in the Classroom

Melanie Bruck

712-579-0824 •     Email

Area served: Carroll Co., Crawford Co., Harrison Co., Shelby Co., & West Pottawattamie Co. 

Louisa County Farm Bureau

Samantha Jamison

319-201-0102 •  Email

Area served: Louisa Co.


Mahaska & Marion County Farm Bureau

Karen Adams

641-295-6633 •   Email

Area served: Mahaska Co. and Marion Co.  

Marshall County Farm Bureau

Jean Klosterman

641-753-6637 •    Email

Area served: Marshall Co.

Mills County Farm Bureau

Kasey Wallace

712-624-8620 •  Email

Area served: Mills Co.

Mitchell County Farm Bureau

Jenny Sullivan

641-330-3216 •   Email

Area served:  Mitchell Co.

Montgomery County Farm Bureau

Bill Drey

712-621-1447 •   Email

Area served: Montgomery Co.

Muscatine County Farm Bureau

Carol Hinkle

563-263-5353 •    Email

Area served: Muscatine Co.

North Central Iowa Ag in the Classroom

Brenda Mormann

641-923-2616 •    Email

Area served: Cerro Gordo Co., Hancock Co., Franklin Co., Hardin Co., Kossuth Co., Emmet Co., Worth Co., Winnebago Co., and Webster Co.

O'Brien County Farm Bureau

Phyllis Postma

712-957-2535 •  Email

Area served: O'Brien Co.

Osceola County ISU Extension & Outreach

Ashley Peters

712-754-3648 •     Email 

Area served: Osceola Co.

Page County Farm Bureau

Trish Johnson

712-542-3333 •      Email

Area served: Page Co.

Polk County Farm Bureau

Gretchen Voga

515-964-5354 •   Email

Area served: Polk Co.


Poweshiek County Farm Bureau



Area served: Poweshiek Co.

Pocahontas County Farm Bureau

Hope Radke

712-358-0145 •    Email

Area served: Pocahontas Co.

Ringgold County Farm Bureau

Kayla Siefkas

641-464-2606 •   Email

Area served:  Ringgold Co.  

Sioux County Farm Bureau

Velvet Eggert

712-737-4980 •  Email

Area served: Sioux Co.

Scott County Farm Bureau

Rebecca VanderHeiden

563-285-4632 •   Email

Area served: Sioux Co.

Story County Farm Bureau

Julie Van Manen

515-382-2451 •   Email

Area served: Story Co. 

Tama County Farm Bureau

Cindy Broihier

641-484-3361 •  Email

Area served: Tama Co.

Taylor County Farm Bureau

Trish Johnson

712-523-2320 •   Email

Area served: Taylor Co.

Union County Farm Bureau

April Evans

641-782-7118 •    Email

Area served: Union Co. 

Van Buren County Farm Bureau

John Sandbothe

319-293-7101 •    Email

Area served:  Van Buren Co.  

Wapello County Farm Bureau

Taryn Reed

641-682-8714 •    Email

Area served: Wapello Co. 

Washington County ISU Extension & Outreach

Diane Rinner

319-653-4811 •     Email

Area served: Washington Co.

Warren County Farm Bureau

Keisha Thompson

515-961-6261 •    Email

Area served: Warren Co. 

West Pottawattamie County Farm Bureau

Sherri Olsen

712-322-0252 •   Email

Area served: western half of Pottawattamie Co. 


Winneshiek County Farm Bureau

Nancy Weis

563-382-8713 •   Email

Area served: Winneshiek Co.

Wright County Farm Bureau

Kay Kern

515-532-3280 •   Email

Area served: Wright Co.