The farm-to-table pizza competition!

2023 Theme: MyPlate Pizza

pizza thon

Engage grades K-5 Iowa students in the science and social studies of producing pizza ingredients!  

Use curated lesson plans and resources to teach the concepts necessary to complete the project. Final projects may be entered in the Pizza-thon competition for a chance to win a prize for the class!

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Sponsored in part by the Iowa Pork Producers Association

Teacher Resources

Teachers can use these lessons for grades 3-5 to help teach the writing process and prepare students to enter the contest. Each lesson includes instructions for in-person learning as well as a virtual adaptation. 

  • Lesson 1 - Plants Animals, People, and Technology: Students discover that pizza ingredients are made from plants and animals raised on farms and identify the natural resources, people, and technology needed to make pizza.
  • Lesson 2 - Natural Resources: Through three activities, students will learn about how natural resources are used to produce food, the value of topsoil, and how farmers protect and conserve natural resources.
  • Lesson 3 - Soil to Slice: Students learn about the process of raising dairy cows, turning milk into cheese, and distributing the cheese to restaurants, and then work in teams to research the soil to slice path of other pizza ingredients.

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Lesson Plans




The Pizz-a-Thon program was originally developed by Eldon Weber as a result of the Iowa State University "Vision 2020" program. It launched in 1994 and has enjoyed student engagement ever since. The Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation is pleased to carry on this tradition of educating students about agriculture.