WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – March 23, 2020 – The Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation (IALF) announced today a number of new resources that will support teachers and student learning online and virtually. The resources are made available for free and are accessible immediately.

            With recent school closures, many K-12 teachers are transitioning their classes online to maintain student learning. One resource that IALF is providing is Google Classroom units that are aligned to Iowa Core Standards. These lessons focus on science, social studies, math, and food and nutrition. The modules are set up to be self-paced for students to work at home or as assigned by teachers. There are two levels of modules currently available – one for students in upper elementary and one for middle school students.

            To help supplement literature and student reading, IALF has also made video read-alouds of their My Family’s Farm book series. Students can follow along as the story is read to them. The reader also provides additional information about agriculture in Iowa and the specific topic of each book. Eight books are currently available.

            IALF and Loess Hills Agriculture in the Classroom will also be hosting daily Facebook Live events to highlight embryology. The chick hatching project was started before schools closed and then moved to an office to allow for continued monitoring. The daily events will provide an update on chick development inside the egg. The events will continue daily until the scheduled hatch day which is April 1. A live stream will allow viewers to see the chicks.

            High school students can also access a self-paced module that focuses on agriculture and renewable energy. The lessons are available through the AEA Student Learning portal. The lessons cover many different renewable energy sources with a focus on biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel. Lessons are complete with quizzes, interactive assignments, videos, and much more.

            “We want to do everything we can to support teachers and parents during these trying times,” said Will Fett executive director of IALF. “Schools closing creates a challenge, but it doesn’t have to stop student learning. Many of our resources are digital and lend themselves well to a virtual learning environment.”

            IALF has also curated a number of other virtual learning resources from other providers. These resources can support parents teaching students at home or teachers conducting virtual classes. For more information about these virtual learning options and other agricultural literacy projects, please visit www.iowaagliteracy.org

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About the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation

IALF serves as a central resource for educators and volunteers who want to teach Iowa’s students about agriculture.  The mission is to educate Iowans, with a focus on youth, regarding the breadth and global significance of agriculture.  Iowa is a leading producer of agricultural products that are essential to feed a growing world population, estimated to reach more than 9 billion by 2050.  IALF believes it is important for all Iowans to understand the essential role agriculture has in their lives.  IALF will support existing agriculture education efforts such as FFA, 4-H and Ag in the Classroom.  IALF was created through a joint effort of agricultural stakeholders, including the Iowa Corn Growers Association, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Iowa Pork Producers Association, Iowa Soybean Association, Silos and Smokestacks Foundation, DuPont Pioneer, GROWMARK, and the Iowa Beef Industry Council.  For more information visit IALF online at www.IowaAgLiteracy.org, on Facebook, and Twitter.